Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Book of the Month - March 2011.

So this is something I wanted to start as a monthly thing. I LOVE my books and wanted to share some of my favourite photography (and maybe non-photography) ones!

So this month, I'm reading Geoff Dyer's The Ongoing Moment. I've only just started it but it seems like it's going to be interesting. Dyer's not actually a photographer so he's coming at it from a more objective view point (I don't think you can ever be completely objective) but as he's not in the industry and doesn't work with photography every day, maybe he's more clear-minded about it all.
There'll be more of a review once I've finished it - I realise I've just set myself a month's deadline to do so! - but for now, here's a couple of links (under the picture) so you can read about it.

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