Monday, 12 January 2009

Why Do People Not Tell You These Things?!

Well I have finally got my finger out and started the blog I said I would. This is about my time in Finland on an exchange for 19 weeks from 4th Jan - 15th May 2009. I will attempt to take a picture of myself everday between 8 and 9pm Finnish time (GMT +2) - just to see if anything happens. I might also put a Picture of the Day up most days of all things Finnish!
So... I have been here a week already. Still seems weird to know I'm going to be staying here another 18 weeks...we'll see how I cope without my man..!

The first week was... well, shit really. Got here late Sunday, 4th of Jan, about 11pm Finnish time. Had a MASSIVE headache and just wanted to go to bed - or go home. I was ok though cos I thought I could log on to the 'net and talk to Matt, the boy, and people and let them know I was here which would make me feel better. That was, until I found out that I had been put in the only block of these halls with no internet connection...nevermind I had asked for internet connection when I applied for a flat here! So that made me feel even worse. I just wanted to sleep for 4 and a half months until I could go home! I think I knew I'd be like that on my first night, but it didn't make it any better... and I was spending 35p a time texting Matt and the parents.
So by Monday I was harrassing people for their internet, got so desparate by Wednesday that I was knocking on people's doors I'd only breifly met once in the hope I could use their 'net if they had it. Managed to speak to Matt and people most days, but I still felt far away from home and that I wasn't settled in at all... I was almost looking up flights to come back early!
On Wednesday though, there was the exchange party which helped and I met some cool people, some which I now hang around with which is good. Started inductions at Uni... still was kinda feeling depressed all the time though and just like I didn't wanna get out of bed or go anywhere or do anything.
By Thursday I was seeing if I could move to a flat that did have internet... but the housing office was shut..!
Finally, on Saturday, I met Alex, Libby and Laura in town and got the interntet! For a lot cheaper than i was expecting! Saturday was the first day where I felt like I'd properly settled in and had actually enjoyed myself and it was kind of a relief to hear that Laura had been feeling the same the first week.
During the week, I'd tried blaming the 'depression' on everything... from just missing Matt to having S.A.D lol... but I think now it was just the 1st week 'downer' and although no one told me it would be so hard, I'm glad I got through it and I am enjoying myself now. I'm glad I'm here and I don't wanna go home just yet... Notts is so boring compared to Lapland! Just wish I had a certain someone to share it with!
But yeah... how often am I gonna go ice sliding and send a post card from Santa's Official Post Office??

Mon 12th Jan 2009: / Pic of the Day:

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