Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Well, today was good. Just had first 2 days of Uni, kinda weird starting a Uni in a different country when I know I have a timetable for my home Uni and all my friends are starting their 2nd term but I'm not there...
Anyway, yesterday was good, had an Ice Sculpting lecture and had Snow Sculpting today, yes they are 2 very different things. Also spoke to photography man! So I'm feeling much better about what I'm doing now and I'm happy that I can kinda get into my own cos photography is my thing and I know what I'm doing..! He seems really laid back as well so I can kinda do the lectures I can/need to do and get on with some learning Finnish and hopefully some interesting photography projects!

Went sledging today just down the road. Was very exhilirating... but painful lol. On my first go, I hit a bump of snow at the bottom of the hill, apparently went flying about 2ft in the air and when I landed must have leant back cos I whacked my back on the back on the sled... fun. Think I may have slightly winded myself but it was fun... the bruise will show itself more soon I'm sure. Got some good pics too.

Tues 13th Jan 2009: / Picture of the Day

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