Friday, 12 March 2010

Around The World in 27 Clicks! A Photographic Project.

The Journey Begins!

Today the '27 Clicks' camera was sent to Singapore on the first leg of its journey! It will arrive in 4-6 days, ready to have the first picture taken!

From Singapore, the camera will be sent to another destination somewhere in the world, to another person who can take the next picture before sending the camera on themselves.
It is up to the person who's door it arrives at where the camera ends up next!

When the camera arrives back in England, there will hopefully be a wide and diverse range of places and cultures preserved on 1 single roll of film.
If the camera arrives at your door, please help it along its way and continue its exciting journey around the globe!

The image you take can include many things; landmarks, food, culture, people, yourself, architecture...just something that represents your country/destination and culture.

If you have recieved the camera yourself, please let me know by commenting on here so that we can track its path. Also leave a comment if there are any problems or issues with the camera or the project itself.

When the film is finished and the camera has arrived back in England, the images will be developed and put on this site for you all to see!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check back for any progress on the camera's global journey!

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