Sunday, 17 June 2012

All Quiet on the Photo Front...

Sorry I've been so quiet recently!
I've been carrying on with a few personal projects - some of which are still in the planning stages, so I don't have anything to show you yet!

I have a photoshoot next weekend though, which I'm really excited about! It's a bit of a journey but I'm sure it'll be worth it. I'm photographing an engaged couple ahead of their wedding in August and as I will be moving house around that time, the next couple of months are sure to be hectic ones! But, concentrating on the job in hand, I'm sure we'll make some beautiful pictures together!

I have had time, however, to take some more pictures of the cat. She was loving the heatwave a few weeks back (where on earth did that go?!) and has always been a bit of a poser so I managed to get some great shots of her rolling around outside!

I'd love to be able to do some more pet photography - they are, after all, part of the family.

I will have some more updates for you soon, so keep checking back!

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