Friday, 13 July 2012


I'm so excited to get my engagement shoot pictures up on my Facebook page (here) and can't wait to hear what people think of them - especially the happy couple!

This was my first engagement shoot and I've loved creating these photos. I've learnt so much from how to shoot more effectively to what kind of look I like for this type of shoot.

I travelled to Milton Keynes for the afternoon for the shoot. Once there, we travelled a few miles outside the city to go through some of the paper work and have a chat about the shoot and the wedding itself. We then headed to our first location, got straight into it and started shooting! The couple were great fun to shoot and I think they come across great in front of the camera. We were able to collaborate together which worked brilliantly and since the couple knew the area so well, they were able to tell me about other locations we could use.
So off we went in search of new backgrounds! We found some great fields that I think lend the photographs a great romantic, flowing feel.

I seemed to work quickly, as usual and we were done sooner than expected! After the shoot, it was edit time. I also had to put together a pack of engagement products and prices such as signing frames and prints.

Please let me know what you think and don't forget to check out the rest of the album on Facebook!

If you would like a wedding info pack please get in touch at!

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