Saturday, 31 January 2009

Bloody hell!

I am writing this now before I have to give this laptop back to Uni cos someone else has reserved it, meaing I won't have a laptop for probably at least 2-3 weeks. Which is great, seeing as I'm finally getting my harddrive back today of the computer that died but I can't even work on my essay cos I'll have no computer to do it on! Great timing!
Yesterday wasn't a good day, the worst in a while. I hadn't felt like that in ages. I left the flat upset about the night before and it just got worse... the fact I have no money on my phone and I'm gonna have to go and spend more money on another one, the hassle my harddrive/computer is and has caused me, still having no contact from Matt. I thought he might at least text me in the day... EVERYTHING was getting to me and I spent the whole day in a state of depression.

I did get a text from Matt later though, I'd left a message on fb saying I'd be online later, and he said he'd be on about 11pm Finnish time. I admit, I wanted to talk to him, but kinda didn't at the same time... but we sorted everything out. I think it was more misunderstandings and lost information as he said he'd sent me a few texts that I hadn't replied to, but I hadn't got the texts, so they're obviously somewhere in the ether... And, as usual, I think about things too much and over analyse things and think I've done something if we haven't spoken in a couple of days...
But he made me feel better and I guess I'm already 1 month into this; I go away for a week tomorrow (well, 4 days - more ice sculpting) then it's Valentine's day 10 days after, which I'll have to live with lol. Then its my birthday a couple of weeks after that and then I'm already half way through, pretty much.

Gotta go give this laptop back now, buy a phone before I go away tomorrow and go pick up my harddrive... then I think I'm going to an ice hockey match later, Woo!

29th/30th Jan 2009:

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