Friday, 6 February 2009

There's no business like Snow Business

Sorry...the title was gonna have to be done at some point! Anyway, I am sooooooooo tired! I've just come back (yesterday) from another 4 day trip to a different snow hotel in Lehtojarvi to decorate and fit-out the ice chapel there. Was such ahrd work and I am covered in bruises, most notabley the HUGE bruise on my ass from when me and Libby were going into the snow after a sauna and I slipped on the step and landed on the edge of the bottom step...also must have managed to whack my arm as there's a nice large bruise there too... managed to keep my modesty though lol.
So, the 4 days was really good. Missed Matt a lot on the frst night especially cos I rang him but used all my credit and got cut off... which was shite. Also was a bit sad on the 2nd day but the fact we'd woken up at 7:20am might have had something to do with it. We all worked really hard - me and Alex were doing the big relief on the ice wall at the back of the chapel and our tutor kept changing his mind about what would look best..which got kind of annoying but I think it turned out good in the end.
On the 3rd day I was in hysterics a lot - mainly cos it was all going disaterously wrong! Things we'd spent 2 days carefully carving out were now getting knocked off and chipped away in a matter of minutes lol. But nothing too drastic, so we saved it. Me, Libby and Alex were gaining and loosing Man Points and Girl Points along the way too.... lol.
Food was good, we ate at 7:30, 11, 5 and 8 lol and on the last night, we all stayed in the snow hotel - all but 1 anyway - me, Lib and Alex shared a room. They took me in so I wasn't a loner again. It was interesting... Really warm when you were in your fleece bag and really thick sleeping bag, but getting out of it all with thin clothes on and having to run to the main restaurant/hotel where the toilets are was...cold!
Glad I did it though and I'm doing it again on Saturday at the Kemi snow castle!
Went into town today after midday with the guys, spent the whole afternoon there even though the wind was FREEZING! Everyone's getting excited about the snow at home - they should try it with -20 degrees temperatures and a biting wind in your face! lol. They'd soon get fed up with it.
I am now pretty much 5 weeks through and only have 14 more to go! 101 days till I get to see my man!

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