Thursday, 29 January 2009

Bye Bye Snow Willage!

So, haven't done this in a few days, cos I've been in Kemi on my Snow Sculpting course workshop thingy. Was slightly up and down, but ended up having a really good time, lots of laughs...and even some hysterics lol.

Left Uni at some unholy hour in the morning...took about 2 hours to get to Kemi, maybe 1.5 hours. Checked in to our (free) hotel, I had a 3/4 bed all to myself lol. Then we went to the Snow Castle site. Out coridoor wasn't ready or something... so we had to wait a bit then finally got in and started sketching out designs on the walls. There was 6 of us working there and we worked really fast! Got 2 sides of 1 coridoor done in 2 days. On the 2nd we were waiting for access to our 2nd coridoor as we orignally were only gonna do 1 side of each coridoor, but had to improvise a bit when it collapsed. But it was pretty quickly rebuild the next day. While we were waiting for that, we went onto the Arctic Ocean and did some ice sculpture. I made a mitten as I decided a hand would be too complicated for a first go...The thumb fell off but we managed to stick it back on with water.
So the end of the 3rd day we got into the 2nd coridoor and did most of a wall and by the 4th (and last) day the 2nd wall was done in the morning and then we didn't have a lot else to do, except go on the Ocean and made ice slides, or walk around taking pics of all the rooms. We did get told we weren't allowed to be there a couple of times... until we told them we were working there - they'd had some Japanese tourists walking around a building site when they weren't supposed to!
On the first day, I was missing Matt a lot and really wanted him to be there with me. On the 2nd day, I was better cos I'd spoken to him the Monday night on Skype but then by that evening, I was all lonely again. I did call him for about 3 mins which made me feel loads better. Wednesday I think I was ok. We were having fun and in hysterics a few times so I wasn't really thinking about it... and today, even though it took me like half the day to wake up, we did have a lot of fun, playing the A-Z game and 20 Questions while working lol.
Also, on Wednesday night, my phone had died so couldn't talk to Matt anyway. I'd text him with the little battery I had left... but he never text back. So I'd been looking forward to talking to him when I got home for about 2 days. After a text, a prank, 2 calls and a text to his housemate as I was getting worried, he FINALLY texts back saying he was going out but could be online later - for a bit. Don't push yourself. You're meant to be missing your girlfriend while she's in another country for 5 months!
So. That annoyed me - I was annoyed anyway as my unlocked phone STILL hasn't arrived!!! He didn't tell me he was going out, so was under the impression I could talk to him when I got back. And I hate feeling like I have to wake myself up at 4am cos I wanna talk to him, even though I know I shouldn't and I need to be asleep. He's gonna text me when he's online. I now have no credit (after trying to reach him) to tell him otherwise, so facebook it is.
And now I feel sick and slighlty dizzy cos I'm so tired. But I still need a shower!
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