Sunday, 25 January 2009


Sooo went into the town yesterday for about 1 to see if anything was going on about this rally... it wasn't lol. They came back about 4:45 and there wasn't a screen to watch it on or anything... so we milled around town for a while, went for a coffee...etc. Then when 4 o'clock came, we went and stood at the barriers to wait. 45 mins later, the winners arrived on the podium and ALL the press photographers surrounded them so we couldn't see
But we moved after that anyway and went round the corner to where all the cars were queued up waiting to go on to the podium. One car was surrounded by people so we guessed that was who we all wanted to see...
It was Kimi Räikkönen, looking his usual happy self. Wasn't even looking out the window at the people, just head forward, or looking smiling lol. Grumpy sod! Whereas Mikä Häkkinen wound down his window, was having pics taken and signing autographs which was cool. Wandered up and down there for a bit, taking pics, talking to random rally drivers... then went to Hesburger!! Before coming home...

Went to a party a bit later at my friend Yvonne's. Got there about 9:30 I think and there was a group of Germans...and us English lol. Oh, and one Swiss guy. Was quite a laugh though and then at about 12, loads of other people turned up, like a couple more Englsih, Jean-Marie who i know, who's French... and some Germans, including Annika. They were all going out to the SU bar but we were all pretty much ready for bed.
Didn't manage to speak to Matt cos James had stolen him from me and they were going to Trent SU! lol.
I'm going on my ice sculpting trip tomorrow, but I really need to do some washing! lol
Sat 24th Jan 2009:

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