Wednesday, 21 January 2009

My trip is snow more...

I was meant to be going away today until Sunday to Kakslauttanen - 300km North of here - to a snow hotel to do some snow sculpting... but, it appears Finns can't drive either and one of them has driven a truck into the side of the snow hotel so our trip has been postponed. They're not sure yet whether they can just fix the hole or if they have to knock the whole thing down and start again. I guess we'll know when they know.
But, that meant that I could pick up my pc I'm hiring from the Uni today! Already installed Skype lol and this means I might actually get my essay in on time! Woo!

In other news; I've gone and done what I conciously told myself not to do... I've allowed myself to think about Matt visiting me here. Started thinking how things would work; where I'd meet him, what we'd do/where we'd go when he got here... I didn't wanna do that cos its still pretty unlikely that it'll happen...but now I'm just gonna be even more disappointed when he says its not possible.
I think I still have it in my head that I'm not gonna see him till May but...I just want him to visit even more now I've thought about it...Hmm...

19th Jan/ 20th Jan 2009:

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