Friday, 23 January 2009

Rescheduling... snow trip has been rescheduled. Not going to the same place, but I'm quite glad that it's just in Kemi, which is only about 115 km away, not 300 like the last trip. So I'm going there on Monday until Tursday. I have to miss 3 Finnish lessons and 1 or 2 Photography lessons which is annoying, but I'm sure snow scultpting is much more interesting lol.
Going to a rally tomorrow as well at some point; they start of in the middle of town and Kimi Räkkönnen and Mika Häkkinen are gonna be there as well. They've set all the stuff up in town and, for some strange reason, I'm quite excited lol. Hopefully should get some good pics as well.

Other than that, went out on Wed again - to the SU. Was quite an amusing night although I was really tired for some reason and was missing Matt...again lol. So it had its bad points, but then got quite funny when I got chatted up twice at the end of the night lol. Apparently the main thing was that I spoke English...according to one guy.. yeah, anyway...
Had Finnish today. I have Finnish all the time.
I think I may have lost weight as well. It must be all the walking and the healthy food, although I do still manage to eat quite a lot of crap.
Still haven't got my harddrive back but hopefully soon, although I'm not too worried about it right now cos a) I'm going away till Thurs so can't really do anything with it anyway and b) My essay deadline has passed now so, as my tutor has said, I'll just have to get my essay in as soon as I can.

21st/22nd/23rd Jan 2009

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