Sunday, 18 January 2009


Well I haven't done this for a few days cos... my computer has completely died!! I'm using someone else's at the moment...
So have had Uni for the week, went to a slalom tournament today so managed to take some 'Winter sports photography' at last!
Went to the SU on Wednesday. Got fairly drunk... but bonded a bit more with other exchange ppl and had a good night, so it was good...although I was missing Matt loads!
And have been ever since really, cos I haven't been able to speak to him so its made me feel even further away... and it was kinda even more obvious that he wasn't next to me...

But anyway...I have a couple of options on the computer we'll have to see how that pans out. Brilliant time to die on me...bitch. Could have waited another 4 flippin months!! But no, the motherboard has completely died!

Anyway... I'll put my pics up of the last 5 days!
14th Jan/15th Jan/16th Jan/17th Jan/18th Jan 2009:

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