Tuesday, 17 February 2009

More pain...

So, haven't done this for a while (again) cos...I haven't been bothered. But I managed to have a good rest of the week.
On Valentine's Day or Friend's Day as it's know here (ystävänpäivä) us English went skiing. I was in a weird, emotional mood in the morning; I felt like I should be with Matt and just kept thinking about what we'd be doing if we were together... so I just sat and watched Libby and Alex teach Laura until we went for a break, then I managed to get convinced to be taught... so Libby spent the afternoon trying to teach me how to ski lol. Think I got the hang of it...almost. If you stay calm and know how to stop yourself (unlike certain Japanese women...) its usually all good lol.
On the way home, I rode on the back of Alex's skis, holding on for dear life as we shot down the path towards home. However, I fell off at one point and landed on my hip - which seems to be fine - and my arm - which isn't. Think I may have skidded a bit too lol. But my arm is dead. Whenever I use it, even typing makes it ache. Its like when you have an injection and it kinda aches and goes dead at the same time... So I have to be careful how I use it at the moment lol.

Stayed in and spoke to Matt that evening, had been looking forward to it all day cos we got use of a 2-way webcam at last! So we spoke for a while and opened our cards. Then he went, but we spoke again later and again the next morning, just to make use of the webcam lol.
Sunday, didn't really do anything. I was a bit homesick... I kinda feel like I'm missing out on loads of great nights out and I hate not being able to be in all the pics Matt's in with him. :(

On Monday, I kind of had a break down about having to spend another 13 weeks here and missing Matt and home and everything. Its cos, again, I didn't do anything all day so I had time to sit and think about it all and it got to me... I'm ok now though. When I'm busy its fine and my head goes back to normal - looking at my calendar, it doesn't look like I have much time here at all. Although I'm constantly thinking about being back with Matt, I guess I'll get there soon enough. And I've been promised a fuss when I do finally get back! lol.
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