Sunday, 1 March 2009

It's All Downhill From Here...

So, (again, haven't done this for a while...lazy) But...I am now 21. Officially, and unofficially - I still get to celebrate it again when I get back to England! Can't wait!
Had a good day yesterday, went for morning alcoholic coffees and then lunch lol. Came home, spoke to the family and opened presents online which included a webcam - so far can only use EITHER that or my skype phone cos there are only 2 USB ports on these laptops and I need both for Skype, but hopefully that should be sorted within the next week or so, then me and Matt can get back to chatting a bit more normally.
Also got a DS from the family, earrings, salapettes lol, we'll see how they're gonna fit in my suitcase later... Other little bits. Then spoke to Matt for a bit, opened his card and he's got me 2 tickets to see Bloc Party in Birmingham in October. He knows what their 2nd album means to me, so it was a perfect present from him, that we can both share!
Then went and made a cake with Libby, turned out amazingly lol. Then came back here and tidied, ate, waited for people to arrive for the party.
Turns out there was another party in a different flat, so nevermind that people had known about mine and it'd been on facebook for about a week, but everyone decided to go there instead, leaving me upset and with 5 guests. That was until everyone got chucked out of that party, so as a 2nd choice/last resort, everyone came here.
It did get better though, eventually and then a load of us went to Tivoli which ended up being rather hilarious... Still...
That's been about it, been ok these past couple of weeks. No more breakdowns as yet lol. I noticed the other day, while I wasn't panicking/having a breakdown about not being home/having to wait ages till I can get back to Matt, I was just...sad...which is a better state to be in probably.

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