Saturday, 28 March 2009


Well the past couple of weeks has been fairly interesting and eventful, especially this last week. My friend from home came to visit me for 5 days which was cool. Had a really good week and it was nice to see a familiar face! It was a bit wierd at first, having someone from home here and it kinda made me realise how weird it would have been if it was Matt lol... which makes me think it might be a bit weird when I go back...but who knows.
So she got here on Monday evening and me, Lib, Alex and Fizz went out for some drinks. Probably shouldn't have done as I had a Finnish exam the next day and I think the alcohol hit me more than I'd thought it had at first lol. But the exam went ok, better than the last one I think. After my exam, I met Lib, Alex and Fizz and me and Fizz went into town for a look around/tour and some lunch. Wednesday we went skiing. Fizzy got taught by Libby while I was off on my own lol, think I pretty much had the hang of it and was even learning some next level stuff. Next level as in slightly harder, more advanced stuff, not as in totally rad!! stuff... lol.
Went to Tivoli that night, it was a very funny night. More crazy dancing, beer in the eye, funny drunk people... may have slightly over done it a bit though as I did throw up the next morning haha. I think that last Lonkero killed me...I didn't even want it, I dunno why I got it. I think I was influenced...
On thursday me, Lib and Fizz went swimming as Fizz had brought my costume over with her. Did a few lengths, then just sat in the jacuzzi chatting haha. Had a sauna afterwards. So relaxing! Me and Fizz went out for a meal that night in town. Got back about 10:30 and went to bed. Stayed up talking before we drifted off.

During the week I have made a big desicion as well. I have decided to go home 2 weeks earlier than planned. I'd been mulling it over for a few weeks but had only really spoken about it recently and when I was reminded i had to the let housing people know by the end of the week, I had to make a desicion quick! There are several reasons for going home early, 1 of the main ones being that I haven't really done enough work here and I'm quite unmotivated and uninspired. I feel I can do more and better work at home and I want to be able to do it in a comfortable time period. Also missing people and the student lifte, the little things like being able to wear heels to go out at night and wake up next to a certain someone, and go for sushi and not have to wear thermals under EVERYTHING!
So I am almost sorted for this. Still have to change flights, which will cost me £85, but its cheaper than the EUR 175 I would have had to have paid for May as I'm now leaving at the end of April. Uni say there's no problem with me coming back early. I just have to fill in a form with the housing people and change my flights. So by Monday (when I hope to have all this sorted) I will only have about 4 and a half weeks left!

Time for some work I think..?

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