Saturday, 14 March 2009

Time for an Update

So haven't done this in a couple of weeks. Went to Tromsö about 2 weeks ago. Left on March 2nd and came back 4 days later. Was a really good trip! So glad we went, Tromsö is beautiful! And we saw the Northern Lights 2 nights in a row! Went on a boat trip on our first night and when we got on board, I went out to take some pics of the harbour before we started moving but noticed something green in the sky so I quickly went back and got the other guys and we were stood out there for ages watching and taking photos. It was quiet emotional actually...probably mainly because the person I wanted to be watching them with wasn't there... but I think we're gonna try n go back in a year or 2 :)
Just saw loads of sights in Tromsö, museums and art galleries, the glass blowing factory and the like. Went out for a meal on the last night which was Tapas and was so good! The 2nd night of lights, we were out driving but stopped in a church carpark so as not to miss anything and I'm so glad we did cos the lights were RIGHT over our heads and were going crazy! They were green with purple ends and were moving so fast, twisting back on themselves. They had us in awe for the whole 30 seconds that it lasted for!

I'm now up to 9 weeks left. I can't wait to get back to Matt now, its kinda getting to that stage where its so close to going home, but still so far away. I'll be sad to leave here but... I think there are more reasons to go home. But I happy where I am now (for the moment lol) I'm finally thought of some projects that I'm looking forward to doing, ones that might actually challange me and I can actually do something with...its only taken me 10 weeks! But I've had a revelation so I'm getting to work on them... Then hopefully time will fly past, I'll get all my work in and I can go and cuddle my man!
I think it helps that we've decided on loads of things to do when I get back so I have all that to look forward to while getting on with work etc here.
So... on we go.

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