Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Book of the Month - July 2011.

So, time for July's book of the month!
This time, it's 'Faces in Places' by Jody Smith (ed.)
This is a highly amusing book and I'm sure would bring a smile to anyone's face! It's basically, as the name would suggest, a compilation of photographs from 95 photographers(!) who have noticed funny faces in everyday objects and the world around them.

The story behind this book is great; it started off as a blog on the internet - which is still going here: http://www.facesinplaces.blogspot.com/, got spotted and is now a great book, with the blog being updated all the time!

Here are a few examples from the book:
Tree Sad


Zipper Fish/Front Cover

These are merely a taster; there are so many brilliant photos in the book you won't believe how many faces appear in every day objects and out and about - and how you didn't notice them all before!

They're also on facebook here: Facebook Faces and do check out the blog - there are loads more amusing photos on there. See if you can spot a face in something - you can send them in to the blog's flickr page and it might turn up online!

Oh, AND, as if just buying the book wasn't enough, 10% of the profits of the book sales go to the charity Hope For Children. So its bringing smiles to other faces as well!

As always, here's some more info on the book: Amazon and Waterstones

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  1. wow!! creativity at its best..