Thursday, 5 January 2012

New books!

I got a couple of photography books for Christmas!

This one: London Street Photography 1860-2010; Mike Seaborne and Anna Sparham; is a great look back on London through past decades.
It's not quite in linear sequence which can be annoying but the images really make you think what London must have been like all those years ago! As the cover suggests, London was a very different place in the 1860s; the fashion, the transport, the commerce...  its fascinating to piece together how it changed and became what it is now. I find it intriguing that some of these people could be yours or mine relatives!
I love historic photographs and hope to do something involving my family's ancestral photographs soon.

I also received this book:

Microworlds; Marc Valli and Margherita Dessanay; a collection of images from different artists. I have a bit of an obsession with 'micro photography' at the moment so loved looking at how different artists and photographers have interpreted this genre in their own way. Even life-sized humans feature!
I really want to have a go at some micro photography myself very soon. I have some ideas whirring around in my head and they need to come out!

Check out more on both books here (London Street Photography) and here (Microworlds)

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